You have the choice.

ROOFTOP Grenelle is neither a bar nor a restaurant, but an event space that can be made private.
Its purpose is to host your event, from 30 to 100 guests, whether you be an individual or a professional.
On that day, ROOFTOP Grenelle will be exclusively dedicated to you.
We offer 3 ways to estimate the budget of your event.
The choice is yours!


Do you need independence and control?
Can’t be bothered to send an e-mail?
We understand 😉
The simulator is made just for you!

Your budget estimate, where you want, when you want. No account to create, no login or password. The goal is to make your life easier.
You enter your choices (type of event, duration, catering package, options, etc.) and in real time, you receive your budget.


For those who like written exchanges, help us establish your budget by answering a few questions.
Our sales department will call you back to refine your project and provide you with a budget estimate within 48 hours… by e-mail.

Call Back

Are you allergic to screens?
No Worries
Just leave us your contact information and our sales department will call you back within 48 hours.