8th heaven

Since ancient times, man has been fascinated by the sky and its mysteries, and has sought to explain them. In the past, the belief was that all stellar objects revolved around our planet, enclosed in transparent bubbles corresponding to a distinct sky. There was the Moon’s sky, Mercury’s, Venus’s, the Sun’s, Mars’s, Jupiter’s, and, lastly, Saturn’s!

ROOFTOP Grenelle
gets a makeover.

While it became common to refer to reaching the 7th heaven (Saturn), the 8th sky (or heaven) was, until now… unknown.
This injustice is repaired with ROOFTOP Grenelle, perched on the 8th floor, 35 meters above the Quai de Grenelle, where you can see the Seine, the Statue of Liberty, the Trocadero, the Bir-Hakeim Bridge and its aerial metro, and the star of the stars: the Eiffel Tower.

We have reworked the space, the materials and the colors. For your comfort, we have selected the most comfortable sofas to ensure that you feel good together, swept away by the view, above the bustle of the city, perched in the clouds, halfway between the earth and the stars.

Whether you come for a professional event or an evening with friends, putting all cares aside, you take a break, you breathe, you enjoy the moment and the breathtaking view.

ROOFTOP Grenelle is a rare but accessible place, a corner of paradise in the middle of Paris.

A unique place with a spellbinding view of Paris and its monuments. Undeniably, one of the most captivating rooftops in the capital.

Whether you are a professional or an individual, come up to 8th heaven for an exceptional experience, almost under the stars, just below the firmament!

When we tell you that ROOFTOP Grenelle offers one of the most beautiful views of Paris, you may think that we are not totally objective. You are certainly right.
So see for yourself…

Discover the breathtaking view in a video

75015 PARIS
+33 1 44 37 42 00


Ligne C
Champs de Mars –
Tour Eiffel


Line 6:


Line 72
Pont de Bir-Hakeim
Line 82
Champs de Mars


Station 15026


2, Boulevard de Grenelle
(5 spaces available)