ROOFTOP Grenelle in pictures.

Imagine yourself at your next event.



Our events

Press conference

Your news is strong.
You called the press to tell them about your innovation. Your presentation is perfectly relayed on the screens. Journalists are already seduced by an exceptional setting. Now it’s up to you to make the difference.


Whether you want to play the card of lightness or gluttony, Chef Thiessé and his team offer you the ideal formula that will delight all your guests.
Seasonal products, short circuit, … our catering has taste and it makes sense.


A glass in hand, what a pleasure to meet friends, family, colleagues for an unforgettable moment of conviviality.
We offer a wide choice of cold or hot, savory or sweet formulas. Compose your formula according to your desires.


Women and Men are the real wealth of the company. This is why, in an increasingly digitized world, it is essential to find each other. A successful meeting is the assurance that the message has gotten across, that the exchanges have taken place, that the teams are motivated and that the momentum has been set in motion.
The latest generation multimedia device ensures optimal distribution of your messages.

Dinner – Party

Whether to close a professional event or to celebrate a family moment, ROOFTOP Grenelle is the perfect setting for a dinner.
Totally privatized for you and your guests, the place reveals its magic as the evening descends.
The sun descends in the West, to set glowing. Then, thanks to the setting night, Paris lights up. The Eiffel Tower sparkles, the boats leave a trail of light on the Seine.
Your guests savor the dishes prepared by Chef Thiessé and his team.
And if you feel like it, you can extend your dinner with a dance party.
Our DJ will offer you a program according to your desires that will make your guests dance all night long.


Wedding wows !
This day must be the most beautiful of your life.
So why not celebrate your union, surrounded by those you love, with one of the most beautiful views of Paris as a backdrop?
On the palate side, our Chef Thiessé and his team prepare – depending on your choice – a buffet or a sit-down dinner that will delight your guests.
In terms of organization, your manager takes care of everything, down to the smallest detail, so that you only have to enjoy this exceptional day.