Who are we?

Interview with

President of Newcap Event Center, ROOFTOP Grenelle and Les Salons de l’Aveyron Paris Bercy.

Question :

You now preside over three event venues in Paris.
What life path led you to this adventure?


Gastronomy has always been a part of my professional life.
An advanced diploma in cooking and 20 years of commercial and managerial experience in prestigious companies such as RAYNIER MARCHETTI, POTEL & CHABOT, and BUTARD ENESCOT have sharpened my knowledge of the events market and customer expectations.
My urge for entrepreneurship led me to found Fleur de Mets Catering in 2003, which I managed for 15 years.
At the end of 2015, with COSER, we bought NEWCAP Event Center and
ROOFTOP Grenelle, which we profoundly transformed with the teams in place.
In January 2018, NEWCAP Event Center took control of Les Salons de l’Aveyron Paris Bercy, convinced of the significant synergies between these three entities.

Question :

What do you want to bring to the market?


I have very simple principles. We offer our customers very flexible and adapted products and services at the right price with very strong human values. As a result of my professional experience, we also provide seasonal, innovative catering, produced on site by our teams.

Question :

Describe your group in a few figures?


Taking 2019 as a reference, our three entities represent:
€10.5 million in turnover
350 events per year
50 FTE employees

Question :

The expectations of event clients, whether individuals or companies, show that CSR is a major criterion. What are your commitments in this area?


When I was at the helm of Fleur de Mets, I had already initiated a proactive action plan on this major issue in 2012.

Since 2018, Les Salons de l’Aveyron, NEWCAP Event Center, and ROOFTOP Grenelle teams have been resolutely committed to this movement. This commitment was materialised by obtaining – on 26 January 2023 – ISO 20121: 2012 certification, a standard dedicated to the event industry which attests to performance and continuous improvement in terms of environmental, social, and societal responsibility.

It is our duty as company managers to act at our level within the framework of a proactive and pragmatic CSR policy. Our venues are designed to host all types of events. Their environmental impact can vary considerably depending on our recommendations to clients and the way we manage each position under our responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Our three venues have long had a dynamic CSR policy. Indeed, it is our duty as an event venue to set an example and deploy means to reduce the impact of events.
Our objective? To limit the environmental impact of our own internal activities as well as that linked to the use of our venues during events organized by our clients.

To go even further, we wanted to strengthen our CSR commitment. This commitment took concrete form on 26 January 2023 when we obtained ISO 20121: 2012 certification – Responsible management systems applied to the event industry. This international standard, created in 2012, aims at promoting sustainable development in the event industry.

It is a continuous improvement approach that allows the company to improve its performance while limiting its environmental repercussions and optimising its social impact.

The aim of our actions is to contribute to the creation of a balanced social, economic, and environmental climate.

Our actions with regard to the environment
Our actions in the ethical and social fields
Our actions in the economic field
Our sustainable development policy

Numerous actions are taken every day to reduce our environmental impact and adopt an eco-responsible attitude.
- This starts with the training of all our teams in sound and responsible working practices.
- Energy management has been optimized. The renovation of our electrical installation reduces electricity consumption as much as possible by switching to 100% LED lighting.
- Water management is also a central concern for us. We have installed a filtering system for Paris water - via AQUA CHIARA - for our daily consumption and during events. This not only reduces plastic packaging but also eliminates deliveries related to this rare commodity.
- Waste management: The certified ecosite, SEM SEMARDEL, carries out the selective sorting of 100% of our waste. Their recycling is managed by the company SEMAVAL.
- Our household products are eco-certified.
- Drastic reduction in the use of paper, now replaced by digital.
- Elimination of all disposable dishes and plastic containers in favor of reusable dishes or recycled materials.
These actions are carried out thanks to the determination, collaboration, and awareness of our teams.

Controlling our environmental impact also involves improved management of food consumption.
- We always favor short supply circuits, i.e. offering or cooking raw seasonal products supplied directly by the producer. This also allows us to limit the environmental impact and especially the CO2 emissions linked to deliveries. Lastly, it is also a way for us to reward and highlight the work of local producers.
- Elimination from our menus of products considered to have a very negative impact on the environment (e.g. avocadoes).
- Reducing the size of individual containers served to limit waste.

From an ethical and social standpoint, we work on a daily basis to create a healthy and balanced working climate with our employees, customers, suppliers and partners.
We guarantee the health and safety of our employees by rigorously respecting labor laws in force.
Our human-oriented vision also aims at promoting equal pay for men and women, diversity, disability, and professional integration.
We contribute to the fulfillment of our teams and their personal and professional development. This is achieved through day-to-day support and guidance for each of our employees, as well as through training to accelerate their skills development.
We also adopt a business ethic towards our customers to establish a relationship of trust. To that end, we deploy an approach based on listening, human relations, and transparency.

Our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers.

Our offers must be flexible, adapted, understandable, attractive (by the quality of the contents and the presentation), and competitively priced.
They are our commitment, and its fulfillment must be irreproachable.
It is fundamental to be constantly attentive to changes in our customers' demands, and it is our will to establish a constructive dialogue to continually improve our offer.

After each event, a satisfaction questionnaire is sent to the customer, and a debriefing on it is systematic during an operations meeting. This results in action plans aimed at continuous improvement.

With the creation of links as our calling, we host events to facilitate meetings and satisfy our clients.

Our venues can accommodate up to 1,000 guests simultaneously, with more than 400 events per year. 

The modularity of our spaces allows us to host all types of events and audiences.

We have built our success and reputation with adapted offers and teams passionate about and skilled at hosting. 

We offer convivial catering, prepared on the spot with fresh products, respectful of quality, hygiene, and food safety.

On 26 January 2023 we obtained ISO 20121:2012 certification, a standard dedicated to the event industry that attests to our performance in terms of environmental, social, and societal responsibility.

Today, our responsibility is expressed through the following priority objectives:

Environmental responsibility:

  • By reducing, sorting, and recycling our waste
  • By optimising the energy performance of our venues
  • By respecting the seasonality of our products for the production of food services

Social responsibility
with regard to the health, safety, and well-being of our employees

Economic responsibility
by making customer satisfaction our driving force

This dynamic commits us to communicating transparently on our actions and the impacts of our activities, with a view to continuously improving our CSR performance.

Thus, for 2023, we have set ourselves the following objectives:

  • Obtaining a customer satisfaction rate of over 90%
  • Creating and maintaining a dialogue with our recurring suppliers on our respective CSR approaches, and to analyse, inform, and share our good practices with our clients
  • Buying more than 50% of fruit and vegetables from France 
  • Quantifying and rationalising the amount of food waste per participant during our events
  • Reaching a target of 0% plastic on our catering buffets.

Jérome Linÿer
Managing Director
February 3, 2023


The venues

Newcap Event Center

Creator of links

  • Paris Eiffel Tower
  • 1200 m² of modular event spaces
  • from 100 to 1000 guests
  • Types of events:
    Conventions, seminars, trade shows, dinners, cocktail parties, product launches, private events
  • Refurbishment of spaces: September 2022

Rooftop Grenelle

Your event deserves one of the best views in Paris

  • Paris Eiffel Tower
  • Rooftop
  • Up to 150 guests
  • Types of events:
    Corporate parties, press conferences, seminars, photo shoots, private events
  • State-of-the-art technical equipment:
    8 12,000 lumens vidéo projectors – Stage lights – Sound system
  • Refurbishment of spaces:
    June 2022

Paris Bercy

  • 1300 m² of modular event spaces
  • From 100 to 800 guests
  • Types of events:
    Conventions, seminars, trade shows, dinners, cocktail parties, product launches
  • State-of-the-art technical equipment
    Sonorisation avec 12 enceintes L-Acoustics 8xt.
    3 Vidéoprojecteurs 4K Laser 12 000 lumens et mélangeur vidéo HD.
    Eclairage traditionnel avec 10 découpes et 6 Fresnel.
    Eclairage automatique avec 12 Robin 300.
  • Refurbishment of spaces:
    september 2019

Our privileged partners

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  • Founded in 2003, Fleur de Mets is part of the small circle of great Parisian caterers organizing more than 1200 receptions per year for 1000 clients.
    They design and orchestrate elegant receptions for their corporate clients in the most beautiful or most original locations. The company’s signature: a fresh spirit, distills its elegant youthfulness into the art of living, the scenography, and the cuisine.
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  • Hostess service provider
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    LMA is a technical audiovisual service provider with over 50 years’ experience. From the rental of audiovisual equipment to the execution of more complex operations involving sound, light, video, broadcasting, translation, decoration, and stage furniture, our expertise enables us to operate in all types of events.
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  • The history of the Château de l’Engarran begins in 1632, as does that of its XVIIIth
    century Château Folie, registered as a historical monument, and that of its vineyard.
    Acquired by the Bertrand/Grill family in 1923, l’Engarran is above all a family passion where women have played a central role for 4 generations. Following the duos of sisters, it is today Diane Losfelt, owner and winemaker since 1984, who runs the estate, accompanied by her niece, Emilie Grill. In their efforts to draw the best from the earth and the environment, they are committed to a sustainable approach, both in viticulture and winemaking, and they have been qualified in Sustainable Agriculture (HEV, ASCERT, Terra Vitis) since 2004.