the rebirth

Have you always dreamed of organizing a professional or private event in an exceptional venue in Paris? Imagine yourself, perched 35 meters above the ground, with a breathtaking view of the most beautiful monuments of Paris.

This is the promise made by Rooftop Grenelle, a brand new space devoted to events in the heart of the City of Light. Discover our rooftop terrace and let the charm do its work to make your professional event in Paris a pure moment of magic.

A breath of fresh air on the rooftop in Paris

Our rooftop terrace has not always been called Rooftop Grenelle. Successively named La Pyramide, then Rooftop Paris, no name had ever given this exceptional venue the visibility it deserves. Too indistinct, drowned in the mass of Parisian events, etc. The challenge was to rename this atypical room in Paris in the most evocative way possible. Taking advantage of its ideal location, the name Rooftop Grenelle was finally chosen.

This new name was quickly followed by other innovations, which breathed new life into this Parisian rooftop. It is therefore logical that the website dedicated to it be completely redesigned: faster, more fluid, and prioritizing images. A film perfectly illustrates its exceptional location.

And a new website also means a new logo. Its refined design and graphic guidelines in the colors of Paris reflect the image of the place: unique.

Rooftop Grenelle: an exceptional venue in the heart of Paris

If you are looking for an extraordinary place to plan a reception in Paris, whether private or professional, Rooftop Grenelle is the right place for you. Nestled in the heart of the capital, this rooftop terrace offers a panoramic view of the rooftops of Paris and much more, as you will enjoy a unique view of the Bir-Hakeim Bridge with its art deco streetlights and its aerial metro that crosses over the Seine.

Turn your head a little and see the Eiffel Tower in the foreground. Look up and admire the sumptuous Palais du Trocadéro, proudly enthroned on Chaillot hill. Your guests will be blown away by the view from this rooftop, nestled 35 meters above the streets of the capital. A place that also benefits from the dynamism of the Beaugrenelle district with its modern and attractive shopping center.

Rooftop Grenelle stands out for its easy access. Those who prefer traveling by metro can take line 6 to Bir-Hakeim station, or RER C to the Champ de Mars station. You will also find a Vélib station 50 meters away for those wishing to reach this room near the Eiffel Tower via the cycle path along the Quai de Grenelle.

RoofTop Grenelle also has approximately fifteen parking spaces that can be reserved for the event.

Codes between tradition and modernity

Once on site, you can enjoy all the new facilities. We wanted to dust off the concept of traditional buffets while preserving the soul of this rooftop terrace. A solid oak floor was therefore laid over the entire floor surface to restore the authenticity of the site.

The furniture has also been redesigned to breathe an air of modernity to the Rooftop Grenelle. Wishing to move away from old-fashioned buffet tables, we have opted for a most contemporary buffet, made to measure by an artisan carpenter. The sober and elegant furniture in grey tones brings a stylish, avant-garde look to the terrace.

At night, the lights of Paris are reflected in the numerous glass surfaces, blending splendidly with the atmospheric LED lighting on the outdoor terrace. The plants that dot the 80 square meters of surface area make this rooftop in Paris a setting of greenery at once authentic and contemporary.
Rooftop Grenelle makes a perfect seminar room in Paris as well as a place to celebrate your most beautiful moments in life with your loved ones.

Exceptional services

Rooftop Grenelle is not only a room with a magnificent view of Paris. It is also a set of top-of-the-line services, in line with the positioning we wanted to adopt during this renewal.

Upon their arrival, a hostess greets your guests and takes them directly to the eighth floor where the secrets of our roof terrace are jealously guarded. Then, just let the magic of the place do its work: between the 180-degree panoramic view and the warm and pleasant setting, they will enjoy a terrace in the open air in summer, and covered by a heated arbor in winter.

Blankets are available for guests who wish to curl up on the outdoor furniture in the evening. They will thus be able to enjoy the city’s unusual atmosphere and admire the sunset over one of the most beautiful views of Paris in a cozy atmosphere, protected from the night chill.
With regard to cuisine, it was Chef Vincent Thiessé, Creative Director of Newcap Event Center and Rooftop Grenelle who had the task of creating menus featuring fresh and seasonal products; a challenge he met with very successfully, resulting in innovative dishes prepared using local products.

According to your needs or wishes, you may opt for a friendly buffet, a dinner cocktail with a breathtaking view of the Seine, or a classic meal served at the table by our rooftop team in Paris.

Your events at Rooftop Grenelle

The redesign of the site was carried out with an open-minded approach. Our goal was to reach a wider audience than just a professional clientele. From now on Rooftop Grenelle is for everyone, and is suitable for all events. We will be able to accommodate between 20 and 100 persons for events on a human scale, whether to organize a conference in Paris or to celebrate a birthday.
Are you looking for a private room with a lovely view in which to plan a wedding in Paris? What could be better than a private event on a rooftop? Your wedding reception will take on a whole new dimension on this Parisian rooftop terrace. Between the unique panorama of the capital our custom services, the only limit will be your imagination.
Everyone knows how complicated it can be to rent a meeting room in Paris. Here, professionals will find a perfect compromise between business meeting room and relaxation area. Whether you are planning a working meeting followed by a cocktail reception, or you are looking for a conference room in Paris, Rooftop Grenelle can adapt to all your needs.
Rooftop Grenelle is without hesitation the Parisian rooftop you need to host your events in the French capital. Until we have the pleasure of hosting you, do not hesitate to visit the website of our rooftop Paris.